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We are on your team

A critical part of our model is embedding clinicians within patients’ existing healthcare teams. The patient sees the same clinician during each of their visits. This seamless integration of telepsychiatry services provides continuity of care and is essential to improving patient outcomes.

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Extend your services, without adding cost or complexity

Overseen by our medical director, our clinicians are here to support and coordinate with your healthcare team, without adding additional overhead to your healthcare system. Your patients receive care at your healthcare facility via our virtual care platform, RegroupConnect, creating a seamless patient experience.

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How it works

1. Before the Session

Your patient schedules their session as usual

Your patient comes to your facility

Your patient navigator escorts patient to virtual visit

2. Regroup Session

Regroup clinician is available using RegroupConnect

Your patient sees Regroup clinician via RegroupConnect which ensures effective and private communication

Your participant navigator escorts patient out and does follow-up

3. Follow-up

Regroup clinician orders labs and Rx (if prescriber)

Regroup clinician charts in your EHR

Regroup clinician coordinates with your patient’s existing care team

Leading Healthcare Organizations use Regroup to Solve their Behavioral Health Access Issues

Community Counseling Center of Chicago Wexford Health OAK Street Health OSF HealthCare